About Us



We would love to share with you, how Rocky's Tails & Shells came to be..... 

We started in the late 1970's in an old run down building in Carencro, Louisiana.  It all began with nothing but a dream that we could boil crawfish better than most people.  We found our niche and developed our own special recipe and cooked crawfish the old fashion way... "NO Sprinkling"

Through the ups and downs in the economy, fierce competition and the ever increasing cost of staying in business, we have survived.  Along the way we have cooked over 4 million pounds of crawfish, and in 1985 we were voted "The Best Crawfish in Acadiana"

We now offer an extensive menu that is sure to satisfy anyone's appetite.  And we are proud to have developed our own blend of seasoning known as "Rocky's Taste of Louisiana." Our line includes various hot sauces, fish fry, our own blend of an all-purpose seasoning, seafood boil, and most recently, a "Cajun Dippin' Sauce" that's great on most anything.

We were also one of the first designers of a crawfish eating table, and have several in our restaurant.

Come visit us at 124 Lyle Ave, Bunkie Louisiana

Bon Appetite,

Rocky Couvillion

Paul Couvillion

Brandy Couvillion